Friday, February 1, 2013

Kickflips - The first flip that you have to learn


in this post i'm gonna trying to teach you kickflips.

The kickflip is the first flip that you have to learn (other people are more comfortable with heelflips,a trick similar to kickflip that i'm gonna teach you later).

The kickflip is a trick where your board does a 360 rotation on it's axis.

Before learning kickflips, you definitely got to have your ollies down, cause it's pretty much the same motion of the feet.
The main different thing is the way the frontfoot is sliding. Let's see how the trick is done:

put your feet in an ollie position. The backfoot on the tail and the frontfoot right behind the bolts.
Be sure that your shoulders are parallel with the board (that is really important)
Basically, as i said before, it's like an ollie. You have to pop, drag your frontfoot and, when you rach the top, flick you ankle off the edge of the nose and kick you foot out.

Don't threw your foot out of the edge of the board to make it flip, a lot of people do that. It's called the 'mob flip'. Just don't do that.

Other tips:

when you first learning kickflips, don't try immediately to land on your board. A tip to land a trick is to not land it. At first just try to understand the trick. Pop the board, flick the ankle off the edge of the nose, and see what happens without trying to land it. When you get used to the flick and your board starts to have a good rotation, that's when to start trying to land it.

For sure it's a trick that must be learned stationary, then keep practicing on doing it in motion.

Most common mistake are to not flipping enough, so you land in primo (try to avoid that, it hurts), or also flipping too much.

It might take you a few time, or a lot of time, but with practice you'll learn everything you want.

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