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Skate Trick - first ollies

Skate Trick - first ollies

What's up guys,

the first trick we will learn is the ollie. The ollie is the basic trick that you have to learn if you want to keep skating. It's the fundamental for every trick, though it's not really hard to learn. Let's start.


First of all the foot placement. Put your front foot just behind the bolts, and your back foot on the tail (later we will see the names of the skateoard parts) ready to pop. Now that you got your foot placement begin to try your first ollies.


Now it's time for the motion. When you want to do an ollie, you just pop (it's when you press your backfoot on the tail), and then you just slide your front foot up to the nose, and that's how you level your board.
Do this motion until you will get used to the motion.after a while you will notice that your board detaches from the ground. Keep do your ollies until you learn to level the skateboard.

P.S. It is advisable to learn ollie stationary on the flatground, on the grass whenever you want.


while doing ollies, bend your knees (don't bend all your back, only your knees, it's important). Bending your knees helps out for popping stronger, and going higher. Try also to raise your arms while popping, that also helps you a lot.
Once you landed your first ollies, and got more confidence with the motion, slowly begin to do them in motion, and after that, try to ollie your first curbs or boards.

I hope you learn this trick, because you won't do anything else if you don't have this basilar trick. Obviously you won't learn ollie in the first day or the frst week, but just keep doing it and remeber, PERSISTENCE IS THE KEY. IF YOU WANT A TRICK, IT WILL BE YOUR.

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