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pop shove-it and 180's - Skate

pop shove-it and 180's


I'm gonna show you, in those little lines, other tricks that you have to learn after you learnt the ollies.
Those tricks are the pop shove it, and the 180's (frontside ollie 180 and backside ollie 180).


the rotation of the pop shove it is simple. As you pop, your board does a 180 rotation under your feet, without flipping, so you always see the griptape under your feet.

Let's see how to pop the board to make her do the 180 rotation :

As usual put your backfoot on the tail, and your frontfoot behind the bolts(you can see all four bolts). It's like an ollie position, only the way to pop changes.

Now instead of popping like an ollie (pressig your foot on the ground) , you pop and kick your foot straight back spinning the board into a 180. The frontfoot barely comes off the board and guides it, so the board doesn't flip.

For sure learn this trick stationary then, when you feel comfortable with it, start popping it in movement.

Practice this trick a lot, because it's the first trick when you're jumping while the board does something under your feet.

180 ollies

there are two types of 180 ollies:frontside 180 and backside 180. the most difficult of the two is the backside 180 and might take you a lot to learn.


frontside ollie is a variation of the ollie where you pop an ollie and you face the front part of your body to the direction you're going to.

Let's see how to pop the board and turn 180 :

Put your feet as an ollie position.
Before ollieing turn your shoulders to the direction you are going to turn(in this case frontside) and do an ollie.
Definitely learn them while moving, so you get use to them in movement.


Frontside ollie is a variation of the ollie where you pop an ollie and you face your back to the direction you're going to.

This variation of ollie, is almost similar to the frontside one. I'll teach you the easiest way to learn backside ollie.
You're shoulders, as you going, must be parallel with your board (this is very important, also in the ollie shoulders must be parallel with the board, remember it). Now, as in the frontside ollie, before popping you have to turn your shooulders and head and then you pop. The pop is not an ollie pop, but a pop shove it pop, that means that you must do a pop shove it while you're turning your body. That might help you for your first backside ollies.

It might take you some a few time, or a lot of time, but with the practice you'll learn everything you want.

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