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today we are going to talk about the first things to do before start skating and learning tricks.
The fist thing you're going to do is pick a skateboard for yourself. Choosing the first board could be difficult if you don't know nothing about skateboarding, so you may ask someone in your local skateshop to help you out, so you won't be wrong to choose the size of your fist board. Also you will need trucks, wheels, a grip-tape an finally the bearings.
It is advisable to get also some protections like a helmet and pads (skating with protection will make you skate better and learn faster your trick, specially ramp tricks).
Once you got your protection and the board that fits you more you're ready to roll.

Before skating you also need to know that skateboarding is not like other sports. You will need a lot of patience in learning tricks and persistence, that means you have to do a trick until you learn it(only trying tricks won't help you learn them) and then you can proceed to other tricks.( that's why you should skate almost every day ).
Let's see now your first step on your skateboard. First of all you have to know what stance are you, goofy or regular. Goofy means that you skate with your right foot as the front foot and you pop with the left foot, regular means that you use you left foot as the front foot and you pop with your right foot. Now that you know your stance it's time to push and ride on.

Riding a skateboard is not really difficult, but decides your style of skating (btw never copy a skater's style, you'll just ruin your).
Use your backfoot (if you're goofy the left foot, if you're regular the right one) to push yourself and keep your front-foot on the bolts, so you will be more balanced.

Now go out and learn to ride your skateboard and remember, PERSISTENCE IS THE KEY!

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